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If Needing to live in housing Society Supplying the perfect Mix of business and leisure, subsequently Capital Smart City Islamabad is the perfect one. It’s also called CSCI housing society shortening the whole title of this undertaking. Being part of the advance home strategy, you’ll acquire lots of advantages. It will introduce initial business centre in the area that inquires the world-renowned brandnew. The positioning of this Capital Smart City¬†Islamabad has closeness to the brand new global airport that’s among the largest Landmark. It’s perfect living area in Pakistan which not only brings the local investor but also the global. While supplying the global quality of living, the job also gives the wide variety of job opportunities through service and commercial industries.

The infrastructure of this home project doesn’t have any comparison. It’s encouraging the regional increase. The transportation infrastructure at the job is condition of the art by the programmer that’s completely sustainable. Supplying the pavements throughout the innovative planning of infrastructure to road users, pedestrians, cyclists along with other future mobility requirements.

The job perfectly matches the need of global and Neighborhood inhabitants. Through exceptional identity and structure, the project intends to turn into a new spiritual centre. The features provided by the master program of Capital Smart City Islamabad are iconic by Skymarketing.The housing society is a fantastic illustration of living standard and supplies resilient social. Accessing to complete selection of facilities is simple here.

Newest Update

It’s discovered that Capital Smart City Islamabad is about to Have a brand new name known as DHA Smart City following the marriage with DHA. This isn’t done formally until today but it is expected to occur shortly. The authentic information and information relating to this facet haven’t come to the surface however. Thus you’ll be upgraded more following the official fracture of another details.


The Developers of all Capital Smart City Islamabad¬†are FDH. Their complete title is Future Development Holding Pvt Ltd.. It’s a sister company of Habib Rafiq Limited. Running to give luxury living in state of the art smart cities would be the goal of programmers. They’ve made the Surbana Jurong (SJ) as master planner of CSCI project. The Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the biggest companies in Asia for consulting industrial and infrastructure building. They give infrastructure solutions, creating spaces and forming cities. Furthermore, they are known worldwide for presenting one-stop consultancy.

Speaking about the standing of Future Development Holdings Private Limited, they’re among the leading real estate developers in the country. From the job, They Supply luxury living with equivalent economic Contributions. Throughout the prior job, They’ve earned the esteem in The business. Strategic investments, advanced urban planning, and lifecycle Asset management are a part of the core activity. Having a solid dedication to Quality, they’ve set global standards of sustainability.

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