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Feigning is one of the most significant aptitudes a poker player can have. Anyone can look out for a major hand and want to get satisfied – that takes very nearly zero aptitude. Be that as it may, realizing what goes into an extraordinary feign and how best to execute a +EV play with feeble cards is a key differentiator between winning, losing, and breakeven players.

This video and guide is intended to be a 101 diagram. I breakdown the 4 key central focuses to great feigns, give some straightforward things to remember, and a structure for drawing closer feigning in EVERY session you play going ahead. Appreciate!

Some portion of the motivation behind why feigning is so significant is that your normal hand misses as a rule. Indeed, even Ace King, the most grounded unpaired beginning hand, will be only Ace-high on the lemon around 2/3 of the time. So if most hands miss frequently and are basically high cards and additionally frail draws, it’s significant that we realize how to transform these spots into simple benefits.

So how about we separate the 4 nuts and bolts of feigning and we’ll keep this as large picture and straightforward as could reasonably be expected:

Breakeven Percentage (BE%)

Regardless of whether poker math alarms you, the breakeven rate (BE%) is extremely straightforward. Basically, the breakeven rate tells you how frequently your rival needs to overlap, given the size of your feign, for you to make a promptly productive feign. The equation is:


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