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Employing Real Time Kinematic (RTK) for construction staking is effective, and allows for real time info and positioning so that the surveys and stake placement can be as accurate as conventional land surveying and done in less time.

RTK basically focuses on utilizing actual information in the time of survey based on GPS information, instead of analyzing and processing the data following a line mapping.

Why Use RTK?

RTK for construction staking is growing increasingly popular among surveyors since it allows for improved accuracy, quicker survey times and quicker return to the builder for continuation of the building project in question.

Construction staking is a important part of the building process because it is helpful to identify everything from land ranges and utilities into positioning such as corners, construction walls, and different areas of the building as per the website survey. Having a building built in the exact correct place on a parcel of property is critical, which is really where construction staking comes in handy.

There are lots of specialist surveyors already using RTK for construction staking, and it is probably only a matter of time before all survey professionals rely upon this method for their surveying needs.

As technology evolves within our industry, the resources and methods we use evolve with it, which makes the survey procedure more efficient, more accurate and less time-consuming. RTK surveying tools and procedures allow for fewer professionals to perform more work with better results.

How RTK Works

In practice, RTK systems may now be incorporated with conventional or robotic total stations to allow the surveyor even more options throughout construction staking. RTK systems use a single base station receiver and a lot of mobile units.

The bottom channel re-broadcasts that the phase of the carrier that it quantified, and the mobile units compare their own phase measurements with the ones received from the base channel. The most popular way to achieve real time, cheap signal transmission would be to use a radio modem, typically in the UHF band. In most nations, certain frequencies have been allocated especially for RTK purposes.

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