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The main task for you is to give out strong hands and raise pre-flop. Strong cards and suited hands are of particular value in such games. For example, KQ is a strong enough hand and probably gets into the top pair, with which you can 3-bet for value. It is also possible that the hand will increase to a flush, and in the end the bank will be yours.

Medium and weak pocket cards are also not bad, as they 먹튀검증 to getting decent hands that are not easy to move. As for suited connectors 10-9, they are also not bad, but only when playing with loose opponents. The value of these is related to how much they are suitable for bluffing post-flop. Whatever one may say, bluffing is just an auxiliary tool for playing postflop due to the loss of some value.

If you concentrate on playing with JJ and AT, then such cards will do for preflop. As we noted above, you are likely to lose the formed bank, but instead get a chance to break it more often than any other average player.

As a result, it turns out that such investments on the preflop at a distance guarantee you an advantage of equity. Thus, you probably want to get a flop with hands like 4-4, and try to get a set. Despite the good opportunities, it is unlikely that such an approach will allow you to win loose games.

Fold as a response to aggression on the turn / river

One of the key rules for winning loose games is to fold at the turn or river stage. Especially when you initially think that you are an outsider. Opponents will not systematically throw off, and this fact is the main discrepancy between the game, both yours and your opponents – in the future it will benefit you.

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